Zero Shot

Machine learning without the data science. Add powerful inference and classification models to your application in minutes with a simple API.

Please note we are still in a closed Beta, you will not be able to register but please drop us a note if you are interested in the service.

Text Classification

Easily label your text data to gain insights about your workflows and drive more effective operations.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze user generated or online content to understand pain points, improve your brand, or track trending events.

Unlock the Power of Machine Learning

With Zero Shot you can add all the benefits of machine learning models to your application with a simple API. Leave the data science to the scientists, focus on building your features and identifying improvements.

Simple Pricing

No hidden fees, usage based pricing that scales with you.



100k inferences, $0.00005 per additional inference.



400k inferences, $0.00005 per additional inference.

Get In Touch

We're still in closed Beta but will be launching soon. Want to know more? Drop us an email and we'll keep you updated.

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